Friday, March 14, 2008

41 Years Young

Good day to all! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes that I've received today! I thought since I've posted pictures of others, that I would post a couple... just a couple of myself. Above is a picture of a 41 year old goofy looking dude. Below is a picture of myself when I was... well I'm not sure. But, I do think that in some circles that the shirt that I was wearing would be back in style.Isn't it funny how people always ask how you celebrated your birthday? Well, I celebrated by running with my daughter 2 and a half miles at 6:00am. It was a great experience as I knew that she sacrificed some of her precious ZZZZZ to wake up and run with me. She already does plenty of running during the week at school and at her soccer practices. THANK YOU Briana! You don't know how much that meant to me, but it meant the world to me!

Tomorrow night - Briana, Cairo, and I will be going to see FC Dallas take on David Beckham and the LA Galaxy. Should be a fun time! Bummer that Ursula has to work.

I'm happy and proud to report that I've lost 16.5 pounds since February 1st. I lost more weight before that time, but I wasn't really tracking it until February 1st. I cannot remember the last time I've felt this good.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Mark! I love you for loving me the way I am,
your wife Ursula.

Todd C said...


Your one good look'en guy. Even at 41. See you in May.