Monday, February 11, 2008

Chilly in Phili!

Sunday was a beautiful day in Frisco, TX. I just love 70 degree days in February! We all went to the park and practiced with the kids taking shots on goal. Definitely some great cardio going on there. Briana and Cairo are hard to keep up with.

I'm running 3 days a week training for my upcoming 5k in May. So, today - Monday, I ventured outside in the cold windy Phildelphia streets. I ran, jogged, walked, crawled by a bank and saw the sign that said it was 16 degrees - Ouch! My lungs definitely felt the impact, but I made it for the whole training time.

P.S. - Todd, I've been putting some time on the bike also, but the scenery hasn't been changing. You'll know what I mean. :)

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