Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Ursula!

I've already wished Ursula a happy birthday, but haven't done it on my blog. I cannot tell you how much I cherish having Ursula in my life! She is such a blessing!

We celebrated her birthday last Friday by going to eat at Quizno's (nothing too fancy) and then to the movies to see what she wanted to see - Step Up 2. It had a lot of great dance moves that I'm not going to learn how to do. This coming up weekend, the celebration continues as she'll be going on one of my business trips with me to Philadelphia. Yes, we picked a very nice sunny location! It's the journey and time together that will count!

Last year I had a big surprise party for her as it was a milestone birthday. Below is the letter that I read to her with all of the party guests looking on:

A letter to Ursula

God put this on my heart to share this with you and of course, Ursula. God made you for me. He’s so awesome!

You make me happy! You make me smile! I’m so happy that we’re together and you’re the mother of my children.

Ever since I’ve known you… you’ve always been nice and loving. I had to learn how to be nice and honest. I fought or discussed things the way my parents argued. You taught me the correct loving way to resolve our differences.

I love how you have a passion for God and serving Him. You truly make a difference in others’ lives.

Thank you for being such a great encourager to me. From loss of a “secure” job, start of a new business and running it for 4 years, starting a new position, and everyday doubt in what God has planned for me.

Some favorite memories:
· Our wedding day
· The birth of our children
· Vacation to London and seeing Rent
· Richard Elliott concert in Dayton
· Chris Botti concert at the Myerson
· All of the fun trips to East Texas for each and every family reunion
· Simple times:
o Walks
o Enjoying our kids growing up

It may sound like a cliché, but I feel like the luckiest, “scratch that”, the most blessed man on earth.

I love how strong you are. You may appear to others, but to me, you are one strong Ursula.

I admire your ambition to become a better person through exercise, eating healthier, and most of all by the way you dig into God’s word.

Thank you for loving through the good and bad.

I want you to know when you walk into a room, you light it up with your presence. You will always be that person across the room that I want to be with.

I love when you smile!
I love when you laugh!
I love tickling you… even though you don’t like it and I might get hurt!
I love how you tolerate my faults.
I love how you care for me.
I love how you raise our children.
I love how you cut your hair everyday and you’e not bald!

I love how you want to go to the doctor’s office, because I cannot remember all that medical stuff.

You are beautiful! From a trip away from home or a day at the office, I cannot wait to come home to set my eyes on you. Your beauty never gets old! Again, I’m so glad that God put you in my life.

I love you!


Men, husbands, or wives for that matter... if God has placed a message to share with your wife or husband, do it, write it and say it! The message and letter doesn't have to be perfect. I beleive that your spouse needs to hear what's from your heart.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines Dinner

Ursula and I had a blast at our annual church Valentines Dinner on Friday night. Above is my new favorite picture of us. Yes, she picked out the outfits. We or she tries to have us match when go out or go to church. It's an Urs thing! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I get to see snow once a year... well, it was that time of the year. The only bad thing is that it started to sleet as well. It was a slow drive back to the hotel from the church driving along the Philadelphia roads.

Curtis posed with me outside the church. He loaned me his scarf. Yes, I did bring a coat, hat, and gloves. I just too excited to bring them outside when I heard that it was snowing. What fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chilly in Phili!

Sunday was a beautiful day in Frisco, TX. I just love 70 degree days in February! We all went to the park and practiced with the kids taking shots on goal. Definitely some great cardio going on there. Briana and Cairo are hard to keep up with.

I'm running 3 days a week training for my upcoming 5k in May. So, today - Monday, I ventured outside in the cold windy Phildelphia streets. I ran, jogged, walked, crawled by a bank and saw the sign that said it was 16 degrees - Ouch! My lungs definitely felt the impact, but I made it for the whole training time.

P.S. - Todd, I've been putting some time on the bike also, but the scenery hasn't been changing. You'll know what I mean. :)

We're Running!

Briana and I have decided that we'd run with Denise in Cincinnati in May at the Flying Pig Marathon. Well, maybe we won't be running at the same time with her... as she'll be running the Marathon and we'll be running the 5k. I'm very much looking forward to this challenge. It should be a lot of fun for Briana and I to hook up with Denise. Rumor has it that big sis Debbie will be coming along as well.
I cannot imagine running my first 5k with no one other than Denise & Briana!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Counting Calories & Running

There are two words that I never thought that would come out of my mouth - - - "counting calories"! However, as I've looked at my New Year's Resolutions that I'm still working on... I will lose some weight and lose that ugly belly of mine. If you haven't seen it, I hide it well!!!

Some news in the proverbial battle of the bulge...
  • My company, Fellowship Technologies, is having a Biggest Loser contest to see who loses the most weight over 3 months. It is a contest, but it's more of a support group to encourage each other. The company has had weight loss/lifestyle changing programs before, but I've never thought I could participate since I'm always travelling. However, could this be just another excuse!?!? I won't be able to participate in all of the work outs, however, I'll do my best to keep up my own workouts.
  • As I mentioned, I've been counting calories. This is weird, because I've never done this before. I've never really cared about what I ate, as long as it tasted GOOD! A free website that has been a tremendous help is This website is awesome because you can track your calories, exercise and cardio, as well as plenty of helpful articles and videos. If you're in the process of changing your lifestyle for the good, sign up for this free web site. If you do, please use my login name as a referral - MLINDSLEY.
  • Denise, my running inspiration sister, is encouraging me to run in a 5K in May in Cincinnati, OH. I'm so close to saying Yes. My goal was to run a 5K in September or October. However, she thinks that I can do it by May. I've found a program called Couch to 5K that is a 9 week program. It seems like a very doable program. I've been probably been overdoing it and need something that is true and tried. I've also found a Podcast that a runner created to help with using the Couch to 5K program. Essentially, you alternate running and walking over a 30 minute duration. The podcast keeps track of when to switch from running and walking for you instead of you being proccupied with your watch.
  • Denise gave me a great book about running. No Need for Speed - A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running, by John "The Penguin" Bingham is an awesome book that I'm finding hard to put down. There are several valuable tidbits that I'll share with you from this book in future posts.

I'm back in San Antonio for a few days. Hope all is well in your part of the world!