Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Cairo!

My little man, Cairo is turning 12 years old today! He's growing up with such an awesome heart for God. I just love how affectionate he is. He daily loves to give hugs!

For those that don't know the story behind Cairo's name, here ya go... I was working at Microsoft in Product Support with Windows NT. Microsoft always gave code names to their new product or product updgrades. The next release of Windows NT was code named "Cairo". Of course, I'm always talking about work when I get home. Well, Ursula was hearing me say Cairo over and over. So, she's like, "Cairo, Cairo Lindsley, I like that!" The rest is history. I cannot think of him with any other name.

Yesterday, he completed the Soccer Referee Clinic. So now we have 3 referees in the family.

Below are some of the my favorite pictures of Cairo...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cairo! You are a Star! I love you!
Aunt Denise

Anonymous said...

Cairo, you make me laugh often. A dose of laghter is always healthy. You too stay in Christ, no worries.
To many birthdays,