Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Story - Beatles Style

One of my favorite churches that I've never been to is Granger Community Church in Granger, IN. They are definitely captivating people for Christ!

Our family tradition on Christmas Day is to read the Christmas Story from the Bible and to discuss it. Without saying, one of the most well known stories IS the Christmas Story. I think churches probably find it a challenge to tell this story that's been passed onto generations upon generations in a captivating way. Granger did an awesome job telling this story in a such an engaging format. If for some reason, you couldn't get to church, WATCH their Christmas Eve Service. For the rest of us that went to church or those that chose not to go to to church, WATCH their Christmas Eve Service. It's time well spent. You will be blessed!

Tim Stevens shared on his blog some interesting information about the Christmas Eve service. One huge item of interest is that this church in a city of 28,000 (2000 Census) reached 10,500 people! Praise God!

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