Wednesday, December 12, 2007

She Did It! She Did It! She Did It!

Denise did it! She ran 26.2 miles in 5 hours, 10 minutes, and 10 seconds. Her personal best is 5 hours and 9 minutes. After the marathon, she jokingly said that maybe she could have beat her best time if she would not have stopped so many times to pet the dogs. In case you didn't know, she is huge dog lover and she counted 8 times that she stopped to visit with them. Want to check out how well she did? Click here

I am so proud of her! I cannot imagine the thoughts running through your head when you're body says, "No!". My response would be "You're right, let's stop and pet all of the dogs, cats, ducks, monkeys, etc.!"

Well, I did run, jog, crawl next to her for awhile. At one point I ran about a mile and a half with her. She was quite the motivator! She would tell me... OK, just a little bit to the corner... now, just a little bit to get up and over hill... now, the fun easy part, going down the hill... oh, goodie, a water checkpoint, you can make it to that... great! Now drink without spilling and throw the cup on the ground! ... Here comes a mile marker, you can surely make it there! I'm not the running type as I cannot stand hearing myself trying to breath. I sound awful! I prefer racquetball where there's a lot of running, but it's all start and stops.

What a fun experience to have with Denise and Gary. We all had fun driving from one location to another to track her down and to root for her. Also, you just couldn't help but root for everyone else. The look of appreciation from the runners as you called out their name and encouraged them was priceless. One thing that I noticed was that running created a common bond among the runners! It was one huge fellowship that the runners shared.

It's been awhile since I've had Denise here in Dallas to visit. I, of course have spent time with her when I've gone home to Cleveland. But, one thing sticks out in my head about her... she is so happy and friendly! I thought I say hello to a lot of people, which sometimes I do, but other times I don't. She takes the cake! She is naturally happy and friendly! It's just downright contagious!
Above are pictures that we took at the marathon. It was agreed that Gary took the best pictures! :)

If you want to experience something awesome! Go to a marathon and cheer the runners on! If you want to feel even better, run in the marathon! There's nothing like thousands of people cheering you on!


Anonymous said...

You did good to keep up with Denise for as long as you did.
How many dogs did you stop for?
From I recall dogs aren't always that fond of you - they tend to snap at you.
Great pics.

Mark said...

I stopped for all of the cats. But, they would never come to me. You're right, dogs and I never really got along too well. I cannot count how many times I got bitten as a child. I just never learned after first 8 times that I got bit.