Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cannot please them all or can we?

In my job I get to work with alot of churches throughout the U.S. I just love seeing how God is working in all of these areas. All of these churches are doing everything that they can to reach His people for Christ.

Each of these churches pretty much have Guest/Visitor Registration Cards that are used to get visitors connected into the church. However, alot of people will use the cards to communicate with the church what they liked and didn't like about the service or church. Below is what I perceive as a Drive-Through Guest Registration Card...

One thing that I truly appreciate about Pastor Gerald Brooks is that his message is consistently the same. His messages are always about change. Changing yourself to become a better Christ-Follower. He encourages us not to blame our parents, our past, or our surroundings. He shows us that we can overcome any of these and change ourselves into people that God will be proud of.

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