Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anniversary Fun!

Friday and Saturday were so much fun! Ursula and I had a blast. Here's what we did...

10:00am - We stalked... I mean watched FC Dallas practice at Pizza Hut Park. I read on the FC Dallas blog that they'd be practicing at 10:00am. However, they didn't get started until about 11:15am. It was fun watching them park their cars and then go into the stadium. We saw a lot of the players arriving such as... Juan Toja, Alex Yi, Denilson, Adrian Serioux, Dario Sala and others. It took them awhile to get changed and start practicing. We didn't watch them practice for too long as Ursula was nervous that they'd think we were up to no good. We do look pretty suspicious!

1:35pm - We watched Tyler Perry's - Why Did I Get Married? It was a very good movie. We both enjoyed it. While at the movies, we saw Pastor Gerald and Ms. Geni. They are such an awesome couple! I love how she greeted us, "Hi Kids!" We had to compare movie ticket stubs to see what each other saw. They saw "Dan in Real Life" and they said it was better than the previews.

7:00pm - Dinner at Randy's Steakhouse. It was good, but not great. The service was very good, but the food itself could have been better. We're just not the type to say "Hey, it would be nice to taste some crab in the crab cakes!"

9:00pm - After making a quick stop at DSW Shoes, we checked into Embassy Suites. The room or suite was great! After getting settled in, we had a knock at the door... the hotel actually gave us a bottle of champagne for FREE in celebration of our wedding anniversary. This came to me as a complete surprise! A complete surprise since the hotel room was free since I used my Hilton Points. We had a free movie and free breakfast as well.


8:00am - Nice casual wake-up. Check out the view from our room on the 10th floor. If there was a game going on for the Frisco Roughriders, we'd be able to watch from our balcony.

9:15am - Breakfast down in the atrium of the hotel. Wonderful made to order breakfast. I don't get omelettes too often, but I did this morning - ham, cheese, and mushrooms. Yummy!

**** Now for the awesome part of the day/weekend...

While we were having breakfast, we saw a couple of FC Dallas players. I didn't really know them, but I knew they were players. Then after a little bit, a familiar face came in... Kenny Cooper. I love this player. He always looks like he's having a lot of fun when he's playing. I told Ursula that I wanted to talk to him and get a picture. She, of course, thought I was crazy. But, I did approach him and got a picture of him with my camera phone as you see below. He was very nice. We talked about him being healthy again and the playoff game for tonight. We wished him luck for the game against Houston and we walked away on cloud nine! By the way, FC Dallas will stay at a local hotel for big games, such as the US Cup and now the MLS Cup Playoffs.

12:30/1:00pm - Briana and Cairo's soccer games. Briana had a rough one losing 7-2. She played hard and well. She played all 70 minutes as Left Defender except for about 5 minutes where she played midfielder in the last 5 minutes of the first half. The fun part was that she scored a goal off of a penalty kick in the last few minutes of the game. Cairo played hard and well during his game as well. He played his rival team and beat them 5-4. His team is now in sole possession of first place. I'm proud of both of them of how hard they play on the soccer field.

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